Thursday, January 25, 2007

A glimpse of what was...

something i stumbled upon today , written at the start of 2002.
if only i had known, of what was to be. :)

Will i ever make it ?
He knows, and time will tell.
But i know i will..somehow..oneday.
All shall be shown , all shall be proven
Worries washed away , cares lifted off
My being finally at peace.

My heart shall dance to Your rhythm thats within me
A rhythm now locked, bound by the cares of the world
For my dancing to the songs of the world will soon end
Then, only Your song will be heard and known.

1. to do the unexpected
2. to touch the heavens high
3. to silence all demons
4. to be the unthinkable
5. to own a heart of gold
6. to be within all hearts
7. to bow for all passings

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My words do no justice
And my actions are far from perfect
For love is overwhelming…

Who is it ?
That’s lighten my burden
Stilled my restless heart
And still…only loves me more.

The flame is burning
The desire endless
The decision has been made

To You, I belong.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My love song

Beaten, bruised and burnt…to be nothing less than the finest
Purified in flames..
Cut to perfection…
Made whole…by love beyond all nature can imagine

Alone…yet never a moment lonely
A single call.. and my hand You hold
In Your presence…..i am least worthy
Yet made love..fullfilling.

The thorn of love...that pierces so deep.. is so sweet.
Longing, thirsting, endlessly eager for more of You…
With You.. I belong. With You..I am home
Made whole…by love …unconditional

Broken heart…made new
Tears…are none but joy
Pain no longer stains.…
By Your love..i am complete.

Monday, January 22, 2007


A personal favorite by Micheal W. Smith..

Where the angels see
You are praised as You should be.
But how can I express
My yearning for Your Holiness.
May it be (that)

I will open up my heart
Search me in the deepest part.
And I will stand in cleansing fire,
By You, purified,
By You I'm purified.

Savior of my soul
To your strength I yield control.
Purge me of my stain
Sin will lose it's mortal reign.
Make me free (and)

I will open up my heart
Search me in the deepest part.
And I will stand in cleansing fire,
By You, purified,
By You I'm purified.

You are Holy
You are Holy
Yes You are Holy
You are Holy
You are Holy

I will open my heart
Search me in the deepest part.
And I will stand in cleansing fire,
By You, purified,
By You I'm purified. (for You)

You are Holy
You are Holy
Yes You are Holy
You are Holy
You are Holy

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Christan James Netto

A gift heaven’s from arms,

Tresure beyond all measure, never imagined.

A sign , of love perfected.

A masterpiece....crafted by God

Every strand of your hair counted,

Every eye lash prefectly placed.

Your name, He has craved on palms of His hand,

You are , A sign of His perfection,

A sign of His glory,

Above all, a sign of His love.

Always remember…

Its only His love that completes you,

Its only His love that makes you whole,

For His love , is truly above all.

Poetry composed between 2004 - 2006

Nightingale’s Dance

Glowing heart… On gentle feet..
Dancing ...dancing...
Purity beyond…. worldly matter
From leaf to branch... Sunset to sunrise..

The open horizons…
Strength and freedom eternal.
Heart no longer sealed..
Hands…embraces with abundance

Fingers that heal….and love
Words...of compassion and care
Visions of beauty…transcending all wisdom
Caresses ..eternally infinite.

Silvery moon rises..nights only hope
Constellations ...tell a story..
A million years never to forget.
Of an ancient day..never to return.

That Midnite Hour

The Virgin Mother kneels upon the floor
And holds her baby in her arm,
Her heart is gladder than her lips can say,
To keep her new born baby snug and warm,
A babe more sweet and fair and dear
Than any rose bud in the bright sunshine,
O, blessed maid, God's son is also thine.

Twas holy midnight, when He came to earth:
A drop of dew upon the fresh green grass,
A little star that fell upon her lap,
A cooing babe, that seeks her.
The hopes of all the sin-cursed world
Upon this baby's eyelids rest.

And ever since the midnight hour is holy,
To wonderment and love for Him who came,
To save the world, God's own incarnate Word.
He came in darkness, He who was The Light,
His godhead shone from clear blue baby eyes,
The curse of earth's first sin lifted then,
That midnight hour reopened paradise.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Poetry composed between 1996 - 2003

Heart And Soul

In my wake
I am trapped between sanity and fantasy
Reminiscing moments that keep flashing
Making me lost in my wake

In my heart
I am terrified of myself
Riding in my feelings
Making me lost in my wake

In my soul
I am tackling the web of sin
Repenting the days of darkness
Hoping new light will came in

In my days between life and death
Between sanity and insanity
I'm trapped.

My Song of Songs

The heart bleeds all night ,
mourns all day
Belonging to the one of forgotten spirits
Songs of day with streams of tears
Shattered hopes and distant longings
Cries of joy, hollow with passion
All now lie a distant...
A sailor of life
The wanderer of meaning
Bound within bars
A life to worship, a life never known
The skies of faded blue
The seas of dusty grey
A lifeless body with a singing soul
Eyes looking for the heavens
A soul that will one day rest
For now remains the distant silence.


Within each life
One finds meaning for the next
Within each failure
Strength to succeed for the next
Within each tear
The strength to smile with tomorrow.
The warm embraces of summer
The hope and strength of winter
The love that surrounds sadly never seen
A world that mocks
Only to deny the truth
the strength to smile
though tears flow alone
to taste the flavors of life
to cherish every drop
to pray, with the faith of a seed.
With strength at heart and bow at hand
All can be aspired,all can be achieved
For heaven and all her angels
Worship with joy.


Clouds of doubt,
Eclogues the mind
Sprit's tangled
Within the web of sorrow
The heart is buried
Under the dirt and maggots of life
And daggers are thrown at my eyes.
Though they try, they have not succeeded
The righteous always prevails
The sun shall set
So will all mourning
And with dawn
New hope and meaning.


Despair lingers with the soul
Tears flow down alone
Confusion eclogues the mind
And all tenderness lie a distant
The soul lingers on
And despair is pushed away
For comfort is due
The heart will sing now
Smiles that were put away
Will now be unveil
And the eyes of tears
Wiped away by joy
For love and its endless flow
Has taken over the heart
The memories of old - destroyed to dust


The channel of emotions
A river running wild
A blast of current,Runs from below
The stillness is gone
The rocks and bricks have returned
The beings are chocked
The grass withers away
All that has been returns to mock
The decision has been made
Perseverance to sustain
The rocks shattered to dust
For the being breathes
The soul lives on
Ridicule and mocking
Emotions never to be left
Strength has been renewed
Trivial emotions have been burnt
For the love of life is within the soul
The soul will live forever.

The Wall

Tears hidden behind a wall
Smiles a painted mask
A heart that sings alone
And mourns in the dark
Memories of old,kept locked away
Tears of joy,turned to rock
Whispers that soothe gone the distance
Mocks of nobody,chokes the soul
The spirit cries for help
No angels rescue
All is left alone
Behind the wall

Wish Upon An Angel

Bleeding yet I feel no more pain
The heart, nothing but butchered meat
Eyes that stare blankly...for love is dead
Emotions that numb the being,
Sickness, the sweetest blessing,
Bitterness, soft and cosy cotton.
Yearns, but no longer.
Misery eternity, but happiness is destiny
Tears no longer to flow,
Loneliness, but distant dream
The lance within this heart, removed.
Though fear chokes the being,
Though sorrow haunts
Strength from angls..forever prevails.

tears I

To be lost within one's self
Is to not know emotions
Tears that have turned to rock
And hearts that are lost of love

To not know ones self
Is to murder one's being
To leave the soul
Mourning and weeping in vain

Though the tears flow
The pain remains
Sealed within the heart
Never to leave the being

It roams, it destroysIt lingers,
but never leaves for peace
Its paces are tainted
Its touches to burn

tears II

The being must be strong
For the love of life
It must carry on
A brave armor must be worn
For the cruel and spiteful
Linger on.
And the fragile
Brought to tears
But belief and faith
Is never in vain

The innocent always protected
For fear and tears are not forever
But unconditional love to wash away all tears
That, shall never end.
Look within, and peace shall be found
Time shall heal all wounds
For pain shall one day be but a memory.


Unknown fantasies whispering within the wind
Unknown desires born within the heart
Secret smiles unseen from the world
The touch of eyes , the parting of ways
Longing hearts waiting for touch
The flow of warmth,awaiting release
The eyes speak the language
Hopeful desires to result
The embrace of hope,a longing wish
For patience strenthens all
The yearning soul awaits
A tired heart prevails.

Of reasons and must have's

my simple blog...thats a
A keepsafe of poetry..
A sketch pad of thoughts...
A purse full memories…of a journey never to end.

My Passion. My Reason. My Love.