Friday, September 28, 2012

Journey Song


Oh heart,
Strength, be ever your song.
Steepest and narrow
Of paths you've chose.

Oh heart,
Suffering, stays close.
An ally he must be.
For only he knows, how joy awaits.

Oh heart,
Your rhythm, abandoned
Your beating, sacrificed.
Distant cries, you feel
The pain, your own made

Oh heart,
Faithfulness, your constant
Though faith itself may shatter you
Faithful ever be.

Oh heart,
Angels will guard you
When all is over and heart is no longer
Joyfully, home, forever you’ll be.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gethsemane (unfinished)

With heart so faint
My spirit, cries out to You
The endless longing
For, to ever love You,

This cup,
Father, me?

Can my timid spirit,
In simple obedience,
Find faithful constant perseverance?

How will my being live?
In giving up?
Yet, find new breath
In embracing all that is unknown.

Can my faint heart,
In silence, absorb and contain all pain,
Yet, never ceasing, to love ever deeper.

Father, in shivers I stand!
For I do not know, how, how, will I endure ?
Father, I plea, to lighten if You may…

But Father, Your will. I hear.
Though, understanding I lack,

This Cup, I make my own.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

a hundred days..


there's a certain summer in your glaze
a certain comfort in your embrace
in your presence,

like a song
a tune of solemn solace
the rhytm of rhymes no longer for one
yet the dancing in perfect harmony

the call was heard
in faith
yes, the answer, eternal.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


* The conversations of my soul...*

My soul cries out…

“Father, this unworthy soul has no end

With these stains, at Your feet I lay

Precious Father, I beg, I plead

Convict my heart, convict my heart!


My soul, longs only for You

My Being, yearns only for Your holiness

My heart, desires to be pleasing to You

To Your gentle whisper , ever , obedient.

Oh Heavenly Father…

Overflowing with Love,

You crafted me in Your heavenly likeness.

So beautifully, ever so fearfully….every ounce of me

Finally , by Your breathe upon me, within me.

You made me whole.

Precious Daddy,

I ask;

Place upon my heart a seal,

A seal so strong, be it a sign,

To You I belong,

By Your promise, I live. "

Oh Queen of Heaven

" A pray of purity I pray,

Purity of spirit, mind & body

In pure and complete surrender,

Sealed, forever.

Dear Virgin Mother,

Teach me;

Your virtues. Your Faithfulness

Pray for me , Heavenly Mummy

Strength & valor in times of testing

Faith, that to my aid You are ever ready

Oh Mummy Dearest

My being, I place in Your care

Guard it , Mummy

That I never asunder

My being, God’s holy temple forever.

Oh precious Mummy

Convict my heart so strongly I pray

That in the eye of the tempest, I prevail

Oh precious Mummy

Convict my heart so strongly I pray

That precious virtues, be the song of my being.

Heavenly Queen.

Crush the head of the serpent!

And upon my being,

Set seals of chastity , obedience & poverty.

For my being,

His Holy Temple…forever. "

A Journey

* my soul’s journey to forgiveness....*

My soul cries to You.

Your feet, I cling .

I am unworthy.

My soul, knows no rest.

My eyes, fixed upon thy Holiest.

A moment, but, a glance away..

There voices of the world,

Came stampeding ….

My soul weeps,

For sin, has entered,

And suffering, followed.

Holiness, shunned.

These downcast eyes,

These guilt laden hands,

Your Sacred Heart Pierced.

Me the sinner, but You crucified.

My soul weeps,

Your suffering, is truly mine.

My innocence, is truly Yours

My soul weeps.

At Your feet, I remain.

For only by Your grace, light.

But to be just a shadow,

Make me worthy, I plea

Tears, kissed away

Heart, washed anew

Holiness, my soul’s only longing

Pray, my soul’s only constant

Be convicted, heart of mine

That your ways, may be ever pleasing

Be convicted, heart of mine

That His glory, be your only purpose.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My 25th Birthday

My precious , King.

Death, He conquered that morn.

Life, in the fullest of goodness,

Out poured, in perfect abundance.

The gift of that 25th Easter,

Of breath and of life celebrated.

Once a miracle,

25 Holy Thursday’s old.

The Archangel Michael held watch,

Gentle whispers, within the northern breeze,

Answers I so longed for; found revealed,

Long before the questions were known.

The baptism of fellow brethrens,

Sent my being reminiscing.

Of times and days that I have lived,

Yet, never truly known.

My infant self was baptized,

The promise made, on my behalf.

Faith was my very first gift.

To Mary, I was surrendered, my Mother and Intercessor forever.

Pray, my first love,

The soul grew with nourishment,

By His promises, I will live.

My young self, that decision made.

As seasons passed,

Faith was tested with tempest and flames,

Love pierced deeper and deeper,

4 years of wondering the hopeless dessert,

4 years of slowly finding and following the guided path.

On my 25th birthday, He placed;

The most precious flowers, in purest charity.

Crowning me, His royalty.

Upon this timid heart, the armour of chastity, obedience and poverty.

“I am ready”

His Princess, in Warriors’ Armour.

I look to Him,

He sees my trembling self,

He knows the failing path,

Yet, within His embrace, His Princess remains.

So afraid I am of this path so narrow,

Your will, my King is my only true desire,

Beautiful paths of this land, I will forsake.

For Your heart alone, do I now live for.