Wednesday, April 4, 2007

22 Wonderful Wonders !

Thank you
For everyday of sunshine
For the rain that sometimes passed thru
And the faithful rainbow that always followed
But most of all, the ability to love them all just the same

Thank you
For the softness of heart
The warmth of smile
The hands to embrace
But above all, the ability to appreciate them all just the same

Thank you
For the pillars of strength
The rational of mind
The knowledge of endless faith
But most of, Thy graces that see me thru

Thank you
For the fires that purify
The deserts that test
The diamonds that refine
But above all, the gold and glory of Your love

Thank you
For Your faithfulness
Your ever ceasing guidance
Your awesome love
But above all, Your incomprehensible nature to love.

Thank you,
For choosing me
For blessing me with more than I could have ever imagined.
You are forever in my life
You see me through the seasons
Cover me with Your hands
And lead me in Your righteousness
And I look to You
And I wait on You

I’ll sing to You Lord, a hymn of love
I’m carried in everlasting arms
For Your faithfulness to me
You’ll never let me go
Through it all