Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Fear not my gentleness
The eye is far gone
And rest is now due

Be faithful my gentleness,
To the heart..
Upon this land
Wandering traveler remain.
Have not concrete
Create not knots
Be as the flowing river..
Longing only for the sea.

My gentleness,clarity and depth
Be always, the song of your soul,
And Home, you will soon be.

Tuesday afternoon musings...that filled my momentarily idle mind..

( picture by Lois Greenfiled )

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Of hopelessness & romance

I’ve decided to have one of my hopelessly romantic weeks. A sentiment that bears absolutely no logical barring and results in precious scraps of paper being victimized to accommodate my scribbles !

Its sheer emotional bliss ! :)

With thoughts as random as the colors of jelly beans in jar….and purely fictional ideas reaching heights sufficient to turn jack’s magical bean stalk enviously green…

I started writing a poem about a dream I had sometime last week. Its was an interesting ( in a morbid way) dream that ended all the more interestingly ( all the more morbidly).

The poem still feels rather rough.. I’d probably revisited it at some point and see what else I can make of it…

We took a chance..
As if we knew it would be
Our last dance

Fog filled arena
Tear filled heart
Final memory to be made
Final memory to be forgotten

The melody played on
Your voice echoed thru
A thousand draggers pierced me..
The pain, excruciatingly numb

Ending before it started
Healing before it could hurt
Remaining unknown
Remaining forgotten

Its all been said
Nothing more to be done
Trigger pulled ,your last breath taken.

( picture by .Lois Greenfield )

Nightingale's Dance

I revisited an old poem written in early 2005.
Fine tuned the poem a little..and here it is !
The image below is a painting by my dear comrade Lesly Leon Lee .
More of his amazing pieces.here .

Nightingale’s Dance ( version II )

A glowing heart…
On gentle feet..
Dancing endlessly
Purity beyond all worldly matter
From leaf to branch...
Sunset to sunrise..

The open horizons…
Strength and freedom eternal.
Heart no longer sealed..
Hands of compassion
Embraces in abundance

Fingers that heal and love
Words...of compassion and care
Visions of beauty…
Transcending all wisdom
Caresses ..eternally infinite.

Silvery moon rises..nights only hope
Constellations ...tell a story..
A million years never to forget.
Of an ancient day..never to return

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelvin !

This post is dedicated to my brother ( Noel Anthony Netto , fondly known within the family as Kelvin ) who celebrated his 34th birthday yesterday the 5th of November

Dearest Kelvin,

I can’t help, but look at you and your life and give praise and thanksgiving to our precious Father in Heaven for all the wonderful blessings He has so abundantly blessed you with.

From an amazing job, to a beautiful wife, to 2 wonderful children ( who truly are the sugar and sunshine of the family ! ) who absolutely adore you!

How wonderful He is !

Truly Kelvin, your life is a living example of how perfectly God blesses His children.

I pray dear brother that He continues to bless you with only the dearest and most precious blessings and I continue to thank Him for blessing me , with you , Kelvin.

Thank you being my big brother ,and yes, I will always be your piggy. :)

Love you dearly.