Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A letter from the heart...

My dearest…

Why do you yearn for love that is momentary?
Why do you search for happiness in all places but one…

Peace has only one source
Happiness has only one source
Love has only one source

Jesus. Make Him the source of your life.
For only His love is eternal…
Only He can fill this emptiness
Only He can complete you.

His love…
Is amazing….
Completes you in a way that’s simply overwhelming in joy!

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be given to you.
A promise, a command infallible.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

He never sleeps
He never slumbers
He never tires of hearing our prays
When we are weak, He becomes stronger
So rest in His love
And cast all of your cares on Him.....
Don Moen.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This hunger is better than any other fullness; this poverty better than all other wealth.
(C.S. Lewis)

God comes to us not as food but as hunger, not as presence but as distance felt, not as fulfillment but as longing, not as love consumated but as desire enkindled.

God does not take away our loneliness but intensifies it.

God does not answer our questions but floods our souls with ever-expanding mystery.

God does not soothe that “old ache” but deepens it.

God does not open the door but prompts us to go on knocking.

For our hunger is a joyful longing.

Our hunger is God made present.

John Kirvan; God Hunger: Discovering the Mystic in All of Us.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Take me further Lord
Into the lands of the slain
To recover Your jewels
To bless all with Your love.

Take me further Lord
To the ends of the earth
To stir within all man a desire
Solely for You

Take me further Lord
To the pangs of pain
Where innocence is tortured
Where the weak have no voice
I will stand , yes by Your strength

Take me further Lord
To those who search yet have not found
To those who thirst have not been quenched
To those who long, yet do not know
And I will shout, that You complete all.

Take me further Lord,
Into the depths of unknown
To search…and to find
To discover all over again…
Your infinite love

Monday, May 7, 2007

I can't believe the way
Your love has got a hold on me
Each morning I wake to find You near
You lift me above my fears
And set my feet on solid ground
All of my days belong to You

And I breathe in Your breath of life that fills my heart
You are my all consuming fire

I stand here before You
In wide opened wonder
Amazed at the glory of You
The power of heaven
Revealing Your purpose in me
As I'm reaching for You


I simply dance...for You.

Dancing and dancing and dancing !
I simply dance for Your glory
I dance to your praises
I dance for You my Lord have set me free!

No longer do I fear, no longer do I worry
Yes ! I have been blessed beyond dreams!
Your love completes me
Truly with faith I know – it’s by Your plan I live!

When they say how was it possible ?!
I say it is , with You my King !
You’ve done it all for me,
That’s how it was possible !

You my King have made all possible !
Every dream , every ambition , every vision
Now seem like grains of sand
When measured by the blessings of today.

I sing , I dance !
Trumpeting to all
That by You my King , I dance forever !