Sunday, December 13, 2009


Within preciousness,



Perfection personified

The purpose known

The design, yet.

The reason, searched.

The answer, awaiting.

A Herald, sent.

Innocence embraced

Time to confusion , reasons set aside.

A wanderer without a star.

Seasons passed,

Tidings told,

Tempests tamed,

Tales, never to be told

Pain, a faithful companion

Sorrow, his loyal comrade

Patience, the blessed fruit

Joy, remained hope.

Decades remained misunderstood

A fib of mind

A tale of yearning

All, but what was.

Little to know.

The searching was for..

Answers ancient found.

Fulfillment, then desire.

By the banks of clarity, rest

The missing piece

Was the first piece

Perfection personified.