Sunday, January 22, 2012

My 25th Birthday

My precious , King.

Death, He conquered that morn.

Life, in the fullest of goodness,

Out poured, in perfect abundance.

The gift of that 25th Easter,

Of breath and of life celebrated.

Once a miracle,

25 Holy Thursday’s old.

The Archangel Michael held watch,

Gentle whispers, within the northern breeze,

Answers I so longed for; found revealed,

Long before the questions were known.

The baptism of fellow brethrens,

Sent my being reminiscing.

Of times and days that I have lived,

Yet, never truly known.

My infant self was baptized,

The promise made, on my behalf.

Faith was my very first gift.

To Mary, I was surrendered, my Mother and Intercessor forever.

Pray, my first love,

The soul grew with nourishment,

By His promises, I will live.

My young self, that decision made.

As seasons passed,

Faith was tested with tempest and flames,

Love pierced deeper and deeper,

4 years of wondering the hopeless dessert,

4 years of slowly finding and following the guided path.

On my 25th birthday, He placed;

The most precious flowers, in purest charity.

Crowning me, His royalty.

Upon this timid heart, the armour of chastity, obedience and poverty.

“I am ready”

His Princess, in Warriors’ Armour.

I look to Him,

He sees my trembling self,

He knows the failing path,

Yet, within His embrace, His Princess remains.

So afraid I am of this path so narrow,

Your will, my King is my only true desire,

Beautiful paths of this land, I will forsake.

For Your heart alone, do I now live for.

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